Self-Directed Care

Are you looking for care? Or to get paid to provide care for a loved one? PPL knows how overwhelming and intimidating finding answers to these questions can be! We want to help you understand one option – self-directed care.

Self-direction helps those with intellectual or developmental disabilities or chronic illness, or who are aging get care in their home. You get to choose who provides you care or support at your home and control when they come. You have more flexibility than using an agency or entering a care facility.

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Why do people love self-direction?

It allows you to be you! Self-direction empowers you for more choice and control over your Medicaid services. You (or your representative) are the employer of your caregiver.

Click on the videos to hear from real people in PPL programs. Common praises for self-direction are:

• You have the choice to hire and pay your caregiver, which may include family or friends.

• You have the control to hire, train, manage and even dismiss your caregivers if needed.

• You may even be able to set the pay rate and offer benefits.

• You get to decide what support and services you need and how often you receive them to maintain your independence

Caregiving & Self-Direction

If I don’t have a caregiver in mind, how do I find someone?
Not to worry, a good place to start is by reaching out to any of your family, friends, and community neighbors who may already be providing care on a regular basis to talk to them about becoming your paid caregiver. 

If you need additional caregivers, we have a tool to help you narrow the search and still hire someone right for you. Click the link for the PPL Provider Directory below.

Can I get paid to take care of a family member?
Yes, depending on the state you live in and the HCBS program you are eligible for, you may be able to get paid to take care of your family member. This means you may be able to get paid to look after a parent, child, grandparent, sibling, or other family member. To find out if you’re able to get paid to care for a family member under the Self-Directed Medicaid Services program in your state, check out the below resources.

I am a caregiver. How do I get started?
Our provider directory tool allows you to register, post availability, and connect with people in self-direction looking to hire you. Click below to learn more about this offering.

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